Life Matrix

My Life

Hey hey ......! Wait out here to have a short glimpse of my life...

Life is a wonder joy ride with some hiccups some low times and some up times, it has so much to look around and so much to live for with so much of exotic mother nature creation so the thing is what makes you a person consist of the characteristics which we hold on to what we like, we say, what we live up to so here are some tiles down showing some likes, hobbies , what’s the essence I been taking up in living the life to fullest

  • Throttle Roar
  • Burning Rubber
  • Speed Dope


Speed the ultimate feeling of defining gravity, the smell of rubbing rubber through the ground, the roar of the throttle, the skidding of the tires, leaning down the corners, that air blowing through, that death defying speeds it all pumps up the adrenal how can some buddy not fall in love with their bike rides…

  • Bleed Sweat
  • Shape Soul Shell
  • Turn It Into Armour
  • #Who Needs Face

Let the skin talk

Skin is the top shell with which god has decorated with us all as its final wrap to cover that fabulous body mechanism with it. So under the hood we have the same machinery. The skin come with all color, texture, shape, fat, so if god has given us option to customize the outer shell to such a great extend then why we should not work out our body. May I instate that birth suit is the best thing a man can be in, so why not to make that’s god gift worth it so bleed some sweat and shape it up and take it up your body sculpture.

  • String to the soul
  • Music med
  • Guitar my soul

Guitar my soul

When someone ask what magical about music A simple metal string with just by a touch of the fingers can make mesmerizing sound which hit you down to your bottom core and you go into some another fairy world with triggering the soothes effect down to your mind and if you adds up percussive style to it with the singing on top of it woo……. man nothing is more beautiful than that that’s why I love playing guitar ………..