Skill Set

A person is merely nothing without the craft and skills this adds personality to a person and molds it into a perfect character with potential in them. The good thing about skills is it can be gained by learning and efforts. That been said guys I am a tech guy basically that’s the reason I have built this website the hierarchy is that my education background is commerce yet I don’t know how the hell I ended up coding the pages and ended up been a techno freak so below I have mentioned some of my gains.

App development

App is the most interactive way to make the user engagement as maximum as possible it is the great way to notify the user about the new products and contents. It is the shortest way to reach to the portal with fastest browsing. So I built the app in a manner as it doesn’t violet the personal freedom or content of the user and it serves the purpose of user engagement.

Website building

Countless hours of works results into a beautiful website either it be a simple profile website or be it be a complex e-commerce website like Amazon. I try to build the most creatively exotic responsive website ever.


Branding is the things which gets the word out to the world and let the people know about your brand. Despite how much good the product is if it’s not been branded properly it stays and dies in the hole without the light. Packaging of the goods or either building brand by facebook marketing with capturing target audience by geographically by age or by buying habits or by email marketing or ad sense I make sure that word broke and the brand make sensation in the market.

Graphic designing

Graphics is the first thing that attracts a viewer too. Photoshop to Illustrator to after effect to Visual graphics to template building to video editing to VFX to any short of E-designing to physical designing I make sure I hit the bench marks of graphic heaven.

Seo optimisation

Google have algorithm with which it ranks the WebPages and search accordingly so by knowing the lopes in algorithm we can easily make up to the top in the search result in no time, it Is very much depend on the content richness as well as SEO optimized website building and I am very much good at content management.